Desktop Fishkeeping - A Whole New Experience

I have kept fish for many years; i’ve always enjoyed taking care of them and watching them swim amongst the world I create on their behalf. Last year I added a small saltwater aquarium to my desk at work, it has proved to be an overwhelmingly positive experience. In the past, my aquariums were tucked away in a corner and only appreciated for a small fraction of the day. Sitting next to the aquarium all day long has turned the experience of fishkeeping into an entirely different experience.

I am rewarded with constant surprises; one of the which is catching glimpses of creatures that I didn’t even know that I had. Many in the hobby would classify these surprises as pests or hitchikers, and honestly, some of them might even be just that. Regardless, its always amazing to suddenly see some new creature seemingly appear out of nothing.

I’ve recently started a second marine aquarium on my desk from scratch and have added my first fish, a juvenile Royal Gramma Basslet. I look forward to seeing where this aquarium takes me and what surprises it might bring along the way.

Jared K @jaredk